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[OOM: Greg visits for Christmas, bringing lots of gifts - for Greyden - but he and Alex don't go without. (Adult content warning!)]

Before she arrives )

And into the bar.

She steps off to one side enough to not block the door and drops her stuff. With a sigh she just looks at the bar, hoping she gets it. When her bags and other non-necessary baby things disappear, she nods thanks, then looks for a very comfortable place to sit.
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* Alex goes to the doctor for a standard physical exam for her new job, only to be told that she's perfectly healthy, but also pregnant. Needless to say, this is a bit of a shock and it takes her a few minutes to come to terms with the information, but, ultimately, she decides she's okay with it and is keeping the child (more than a little shocked at the doctor's seemingly swift offer for termination procedure - Alex will be finding a new doctor).

* New doctor - is female and not a moron. Not even a suggestion for termination. Obviously the previous doctor sees a lot of idiots as patients. Alex was not impressed. She is much more impressed with the new doctor.

Fin visits... etc )

* Alex calls Olivia Benson and tells her about the pregnancy and her decision to keep the baby and some other small-talk, girl-talk topics before she hands the phone to Fin and promptly falls asleep. Very tired lady.

Greg's Music... )

* This is where the part about Alex telling Olivia that she's tired of being pregnant and they discuss the piano and baby names, with Olivia insisting that Alex not name the baby after a fruit would go. Next is the part when it's time to go, then the whole having of the baby. Alex refuses to recant every moment of those experiences and suggests it all be summed up instead, in favor of moving to the less painful parts of the story.

Greyden Dorothy... )

* Fin drives Alex home from the hospital and seems much more excited than she does about the baby seeing the newly decorated nursery that is done in Curious George (Fin's idea). They get settled and Alex speaks to her mother, finding out that she's coming for a visit, which Alex doesn't mind, except that her mother will want to meet the baby's father and the father is a bit 'out of contact' at the moment. Of course, during this conversation about her mother with Fin, there's a knock at the door - spoooooky. It's just Michael, no big, except for the testosterone war between the two that Alex has to smack-down with estrogen and mood swings.

* Mom comes to visit and isn't nearly as concerned about 'daddy' as Alex thought she might be. Apparently 'grandchild' is far more important.

Having paid visits to everyone she needed to see - and Munch's gift had been greatly appreciated: baby sitting while she went to a day spa with Liv - and having spoken to her mother, she returned to her Manhattan apartment (the one Michael told her to keep). She was rested and refreshed. Greyden was bundled up and strapped into her carrier and Alex had the other baby-amenities she required. They were ready to go. All she had to do was follow Michael's instructions and the doorway should be open for her.

Softly, Alex pressed a kiss to the top of Greyden's head, brushed a hand over her baby-fine, yellow-gold hair, then closed her eyes as she took that all-important step from her kitchen to her living room.

The ambient sounds were different suddenly and, for a moment, she thought something had gone wrong, but when she opened her eyes, she was faced with a heavy wooden door. A familiar wooden door. "Here we go," she whispered and pushed the door open to the familiar setting of Milliways Bar...
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Outside the weather is cold and there are traces of a recent snow on the ground - it is late February after all. It's a decent-sized townhouse in Old Town. (A little more than she could really afford, but she pulled it off.)

But, inside Alex's new home in Alexandria, Virginia, the weather is much nicer, with a fire in the fireplace - okay, the gas logs are turned on, but still, it's cozy and warm.

It's quaint and softly decorated. In the main room she has a couch and a couple chairs, a coffee table, some lamps and against one wall, in the corner, a second-hand upright piano.

The bedroom has the TV and her desk. Beyond that, the place is rather simple.
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Alex, having finally relented, steps through the door and...

going home )

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Character Name: Laura Harper (known as Alexandra Cabot)

Age: 23 July 1974 // 31

Occupation: Laura - private investigator; Alexandra - district attorney, leaning toward making a career as a judge

Journal: [insanejournal.com profile] svu_ada

PB: Stephanie March

Personality: Strong-willed and passionate, committed, but caring and romantic. She's a kind woman, but getting her hackles up could prove detrimental to your health and your freedom (especially if you're on trial against her).

Family: Laura - husband, Scott, missing since 1992, presumed dead since 1997; parents, David (d.1994) and Janet (d. 1998); brother - younger, Christopher, (d. 1993) - killed in the line of duty in the Middle East. *Her family all dying within such close span puts her under suspicion of killing her husband or having him killed.

Laura also has an older brother that she's never met; he was put up for adoption when he was born because Janet was only 15 at the time. Laura has no idea if he is alive or not.

Alexandra - tells people her parents are dead and that she is an only child.

History: Originally from Miami, Florida, Laura was a private investigator. When her husband went missing in 1992, she nearly lost everything because she devoted all of her time to trying to locate her husband instead of focusing on paying clients. After five years of searching, she broke down. She couldn't stay in Miami; the obsession of continuing to search for Scott was making her crazy, so she sold the house, changed her name, finished the Law degree she had started before she decided to become a P.I., passed the Bar, got some work under her belt and has now worked her way up to Assistant District Attorney and has been assigned to the Manhattan Special Victim's Unit.

* The character of Alexandra Cabot on L&O:SVU is loosely based on Laura Harper's alternate self. Laura is aware of the TV show and the character and doesn't pay either much mind at all.

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From HERE...

Alexandra and Greg enter the room.
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"The Awakening" - Kate Chopin
"Call of the Wild" - Jack London
"Candide" - Voltaire
"The Catcher in the Rye" - J.D. Salinger
"Bridge to Terabithia" - Katherine Peterson
"In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" - Peter Matthiessen
"Lysistrata" - Aristophanes
"The Giver" - Lois Lowry
"(The) Naked Lunch" - William S. Burroughs
"Steal This Book" - Abbie Hoffman
"Tropic of Cancer" - Henry Miller
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" - Harriet Beecher Stowe
"Ulysses" - James Joyce
"What My Mother Doesn't Know" - Sonya Sones
"Forever" - Judy Blume

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[ooc: smut lies beyond - NC-17 and all that - no, there is no plot - this is just smut - if ya don' like it - don' read it...]

She lets out a wuff of breath as Stan pins her to the wall.

"Mmmmrrrr," she growls, "What are you going to do to me, Stan?"
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Casebook Files:
Final Analysis )

Laura closes the casebook and slides it away into a briefcase, then makes her way upstairs to the hallway outside Michael's room.
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The Wedding )


The Honeymoon )


23 March )


Chicago )


Venice )


Rome )
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Alexandra's Casebook Files:

Anything in strikeout is something she's marked-through and re-written; namely her personal notes that sometimes slide into a more emotional place than they should, so she's marked-through and re-written in a more 'clinical' phrasing.

Subject #1 )

Subject #2 )

Subject #3 )
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Behind Door #15 / Room #1111 one will find a huge pit full of colored plastic balls.

Laura and Stan were a little bored and decided to take a walk around the living quarters of the place. There are a lot of stairs and doors and hallways. The place is a hell of a maze if you're not paying attention to where you're going.

But, as they make their way down one of the many corridors, they see a sliver of light peeking from one of the rooms.

"Are doors usually just open around here?" she asks.
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Quick explanation - Alexandra Cabot is being app'd for plot purposes. I had thought about asking if someone else wanted to play her; however, I thought about it some more and decided to play her myself to simplify pieces of the plot (as in, ficlets instead of RP, since I'm horribly impatient and hate waiting when I'm rolling on something) - the hard part will be later in the plot stream... that will come up later.

But - if someone really would like to play her instead, I'm not opposed to the idea.

Bio for other! Alex Cabot )
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